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    Extra Credit if You Can Name the Writers.

    Jason King
    Feb 27, '05 4:28 AM EST

    Here are images from my 2nd Studio Project. The site was a hillside at, roughly, a 30 degree slope. My element (from the I Ching, discussed a few posts back) was fire. My "mentor" was Le Corbusier (this means we study an architect and interpret his/her ideas in our design). My "attribute" (also from the I Ching) is Purification. From this attribute, we had to develop a human tendency to use as our program. I chose reading. The path from purification to reading is arguable, but it made sense to me. I chose to use fire and light as the same entity and explored the constructive/destructive qualites of. One needs light to read, but direct light destroys books. This allowed me to play with light in my design. The fact that our site was a hillside gave me the idea to design around a basic plot diagram. I won't go into detail, but my design follows the rules of intro to climax to enlightenment, loosely. On our presentation board we are always asked to include insprirational images. Can you name the authors I have included?

    Here is the board and model:

    [sincere apologies for the horrific photoshopping, but time is precious right now. I have to 3D model Meier's Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art by Monday. I am 20 hours deep already. Cheers.]


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      well three on the lower left - counter clock wise - are Ayn Rand, Foucault and James Joyce.

      Feb 27, 05 7:35 am  · 

      ..although i am not sure of my Foucault...

      Feb 27, 05 7:37 am  · 

      From top left, down two over one = Jack Kerouac

      Feb 27, 05 11:33 am  · 

      Perec, second from left, first row.

      Dostoyevski, first from left, second row.

      Sartre, first from left, first row.

      Feb 27, 05 11:45 am  · 
      vado retro

      abby hoffman, f scott fitzgerald, don de lillo, martin amis not necessarily in that order.

      Feb 27, 05 12:30 pm  · 
      Mason White

      fun game, jason ... though i am not sure what threaded these authors together.

      Fitzgerald, third row, far right

      Delillo, fourth row, far right

      Henry Miller, fourth row, third from left

      Martin Amis, second row, third from left

      Feb 27, 05 12:40 pm  · 
      juan moment

      sylvia plath ??, first row, third from the left
      ezra pound, first row, fourth from the left
      john fante, second row, fifth from the left

      Feb 27, 05 2:10 pm  · 

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