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    Yee-haw From a Texas Spring Break

    Jason King
    Mar 24, '05 11:04 PM EST


    • psteiner

      So, it makes me think Tadao Ando's Fort Worth museum, but I've never been there. I'm from TExas, and I am jealous, I'm homesick for the Lone Star State...I am planning on hitting Chinati Foundation in Marfa and Cadillac Ranch when I take my Texas road trip. Nice pictures, like I said I am very envious...

      Mar 24, 05 11:56 pm  · 

      Is this thingy by Kahn?

      Mar 25, 05 8:10 am  · 

      yeah, that´s the Kimbell Art Museum, in Forthworth,

      Mar 25, 05 10:17 am  · 

      Please excuse my lack of captions. When you name pictures km1, km2 is hard to know where to put the appropriate caption and I usually just scrap the idea altogether. Anyhow here they are:

      1.Detail of the Kimbell
      2.The Modern in Fort Worth
      3.The Kimbell.
      4.Detail looking out of Reunion Tower.
      5.Myself in the yards of the Kimbell.
      6.From Reunion Tower.
      7.Me and Mondrian at the Kimbell.
      8.The fantastic light...

      Mar 25, 05 11:11 am  · 

      Ah, thanks, the Kimbell does look rather nice, though I'm sure I remember hearing some critic savage it, from way back in yesteryear. I have a growing admiration for Kahn and his work, largely thanks to seeing the excellent "My Architect" and reading up some more on him. So simple, so strong, so....pure... Yet without all the horrible white modernism of Corb and the cold calculation of Mies. I think Kahn has a lot more to teach us now than they do, no matter how groundbreaking some of their work was.

      Mar 25, 05 1:08 pm  · 

      It is a fantastic building. I grew up in Texas and I can remember being quite young at the Kimbell. I had never heard the name Kahn or really given Architecture a 2nd thought. But there was something about being in this space that just felt right. Which is kind of what Architecture should do. Those of us who study it and certain intellectual circles can debate things all day, but if everyman an appreciate a space, it is a success.

      I know that Tom Wolfe was a critic of Kahn's and Corbs, and Mies (and a longer list). I would be careful passing such harsh judgment on them. I love the white of Corb, when the light is in his spaces they are much more than "horrible white".

      But, yeah, Kahn is slowly moving himself up my list.

      The Ando Modern is pretty amazing as well. I will try to post more pictures of it. They are a little more fascist with their camera rules there though.

      Also. Tomorrow I am off to Renzo Piano's Nasher in Downtown Dallas. Pictures and words to follow....

      Mar 25, 05 1:16 pm  · 

      the nasher is quite nice, just beware, no pictures allowed!! and cameras everywhere just in case you dare to try...
      I got the chance to see an exposition on the suprematitst,, Malevich and all,, it was really great, I think that was about a year ago...
      Check out the lighting, is really amazing as well, pictures on the outside are no problem, but in the inside.. forbiden!!!!

      Mar 25, 05 1:28 pm  · 

      I agree King, my choice of words was a little on the strong side, and while I truly dislike Villa Savoye, I would love to visit his church at Ronchamp.

      I should have used 'antiseptic' perhaps ;)

      Mar 25, 05 2:06 pm  · 
      general acres

      to anyone intersted in seeing some texas.........chinati is the place.(marfa, texas) the art is good but make sure to slow down. see the landscape. the most beautiful place in america. my neck of the woods......

      Mar 26, 05 6:10 am  · 
      David Cuthbert

      Jason cool pics...esp the fag outside the museum one...def an archi

      Mar 26, 05 9:21 pm  · 

      general say it's you're neck of the woods. I've spent alot of time in Alpine/Ft Davis/Marfa areas. I'm from Houston area, but my family tends to migrate to West Texas as often as possible. What do you do out there?

      Mar 27, 05 12:45 am  · 

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