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  • See You in the Archives!

    Jason King
    Apr 9, '07 2:38 AM EST


    I have, admittedly, completely neglected my Archinect Blog "responsibilities". As is everyone reading this, I am busy. I just finished portfolio review; I am at the midpoint of a competition; I am TA-ing two design communication classes (teaching the Rhino portion of the class); teaching my own Rhino classes to the 3rd, 4th and 5th year students who were not taught Rhino in Design Comm; doing a couple of freelance jobs; and maintaining my own blog.

    Portfolio review went well, anyone interested can see a preview here. I will have the entire pdf on my site soon.

    I am preparing for study abroad in Beijing/Nanjing/Berlin. I leave in a month and still have a shitload to do in preparation, but at least visas and vaccinations have been taken care of.

    Upon return, I begin degree project and grad school applications.

    So. With all of that being said, this will be my last post on Archinect. I have enjoyed keeping a record of my education, albeit sporadically, and sharing it with those interested. Archinect is a great resource, and a great way to see what is going on in the world of architectural education. I am proud to have been a small part of it. It is my hope that someone from Woodbury picks up where I have left off; motivated 1st and 2nd year students, I am looking at you. Hopefully one of you will get in touch with Paul to continue having Woodbury represented here at Archinect.

    Again, you can always visit me at my personal site.

    Cheers and thank you. View full entry

  • three fourths.

    Jason King
    Oct 28, '06 1:29 AM EST

    .flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } The semester is more than half way over. Amazing. I have hardly blinked and we have finished three projects. Time goes... View full entry

  • 3.1

    Jason King
    Sep 3, '06 12:35 AM EST

    School has begun again. I am beginning to get in the swing of things. This is the first semester I have had a steady job + school, so we'll see how it goes. So far, so good. I actually like all of my classes (physics, structures, studio & arch. theory). Studio this semester is focused on... View full entry

  • Summer

    Jason King
    May 6, '06 4:13 AM EST

    My semester is officially over. I turned in a set of drawings for Professional Practice today and that was the end. Two years of architecture school officially done. I can't believe it has already been two years. The above image of the exhibit that I helped to design/build/curate doesn't do... View full entry

  • LA People

    Jason King
    Apr 29, '06 2:44 AM EST

    All are invited to a show that I am designing, building and curating. It is to showcase the faculty work from my school. Blah, Blah drinks. May 3rd 6PM-9PM 6518 Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood & Wilcox) Hollywood, CA View full entry

  • Spectacle

    Jason King
    Jan 22, '06 10:27 PM EST

    Most people's entries on here begin with the phrase, "it's been a long time since my last post", and this entry is no different. So to catch up: 1. Last semesters final project ended up with me in the ER. Lack of sleep + Lack of food + Red Bull x4 + Coffe x2= an EKG and some strong relaxation... View full entry

  • Walking in LA

    Jason King
    Nov 6, '05 9:10 PM EST

    Today I took a walk through downtown Los Angeles. I started at Union Station, made my way up through Olvera Street to Bunker Hill to Grand to the Cathedral and back to Union Station. I needed to stare at something that wasn't a computer screen and see people who weren't staring at computer... View full entry

  • And Then A Chicken Strolls into Studio.

    Jason King
    Oct 30, '05 1:46 AM EST

    So last week we all hadn't slept and were working on getting our projects ready for presentation. My desk is directly perpendicular to one of the two main doors in studio. As I was cutting basswood, I did my first actual doubletake in several years. I looked over at the door and a chicken... View full entry

  • Fake Plastic Trees

    Jason King
    Oct 4, '05 10:20 PM EST

    This is the site model for Project Two, that is already well underway. For this project we were given one of three sites that are right here on campus. I was given the site that is in between our library (that was a church when our campus was some sort of all-girls catholic school. i think.) and... View full entry

  • Project One

    Jason King
    Sep 21, '05 8:25 PM EST

    As soon as the wifi signal in my studio is fixed, I will be able to post on a regular basis. Posts might be sporadic until then. Here are some images from my project. Briefly Explained: We chose (randomly, from a hat or something shaped like a hat) a material, a methodology and a case study(ies)... View full entry

  • People Making Things.

    Jason King
    Sep 11, '05 3:08 AM EST

  • Week Two Day Three

    Jason King
    Sep 8, '05 5:26 AM EST

    This evening, Woodbury hosted a lecture by the quite brilliant William McDonough. He was incredibly informative; my first-thought description of him is that he has delusions of grandeur, only he isn't delusional. His ecological design ideas make sense, nothing seemed half-baked. China has adopted... View full entry

  • Week Two Day Two

    Jason King
    Sep 6, '05 11:11 PM EST

    Our first project of the semester (Studio 2A) is a material exploration. We were assigned, at random, a material, a method of working and case studies. My material is wood composites. My method of working is laminating and my case studies are Eames and Aalto furniture and The Spruce Goose. We... View full entry

  • Week One Day Four

    Jason King
    Sep 2, '05 3:05 AM EST

    I woke up today in a foul mood; one of those moods that I am not quite sure why I am in. Have I mentioned that I quit smoking 6 weeks ago? That may have something to do with the mood. I arrived at school at around 9:00AM and the parking lot was 140% full. I had to park with others in a Tow Away... View full entry

  • Week One Day One

    Jason King
    Aug 29, '05 10:33 PM EST

    Back to school. My schedule this semester is as follows:World Architecture 2TrigonometryDesign Studio 2A: Program and SpaceMaterials & MethodsDigital Fabrication Mini Studio Today I had World Arch. 2 and Trig. The World Arch class seems like it is going to be quite interesting. The instructor... View full entry

  • Hitting the Links

    Jason King
    Jul 31, '05 12:43 PM EST

    School resumes in less than a month now. I am more than ready to get back. The Summer has felt a little long. I've read a few books, drank a few beers, traveled to Austin; but now I am ready to get back to school. I also quit smoking this Summer. It's been exactly 2 weeks today. I thought that I... View full entry

  • Texas Is Hot

    Jason King
    Jun 30, '05 5:42 PM EST

    I am kind of enjoying the break from school, but getting anxious to return. I have had a few jobs for the architect that I work for in LA. I have been doing them remotely via (and viva) the internet. I have been watching a few urban developments around town while I am here, and will upadate soon... View full entry

  • And. Scene.

    Jason King
    May 8, '05 9:24 PM EST

    I actually finished finals/final reviews about a week ago, but have been decompressing and haven't even felt like typing. I have been trying to decide what to do with my summer. I haven't been a student in a long time, so my summers have always come and gone, hardly noticing from the office I was... View full entry

  • No Guns In This One

    Jason King
    Apr 23, '05 10:53 PM EST

    Studio is done. Almost. Crit of our last project was Friday. Mine was so-so. I think that this was my first project on which I kinda dropped the ball. Which is odd because I put more hours, by far, into this project than any previous project. I think that my program was sort of off and was... View full entry

  • Studio Gangsters

    Jason King
    Apr 20, '05 4:00 AM EST

  • The Map

    Jason King
    Apr 18, '05 7:03 PM EST

    Last Friday was our annual Grand Critique. Three fourth-year students were chosen (one by their peers, one by the faculty and one by GPA) to exhibit their work from their first year to the present. Due to a memory card error, I don't have any images. But if I were to describe the work verbally I... View full entry

  • Final Project or: Damn This Semester (Year) Went by Quickly

    Jason King
    Apr 12, '05 9:42 PM EST

    Fourth project was presented last week. Presentation went pretty well. I kind of plugged my fascination with The Five Obstructions into my process. I made myself stick to a kind of rigid Kahn-ian geometry. I also chose to fight my addiction to computer graphics. My presentation board was composed... View full entry

  • I've Been to the Mountaintop

    Jason King
    Apr 11, '05 6:26 PM EST

    So. I was up rendering Saturday night until 4:30 Sunday morning. I knew that I needed to be in Pasadena by 7:00AM. We were meeting Vic Liptak, a Studio Instructor, to hike and look at some hotel ruins atop Mount Echo in the San Gabriel Mountains. Our final studio site is similiar to the location... View full entry

  • Some Thoughts Post-Spring Break Loosely Related to Architecture

    Jason King
    Mar 30, '05 1:15 AM EST

    -To the Airport Ticket Lady: Just beacause a guy has a beard and fashionably messy hair does not mean he smokes/smuggles drugs. My bags were ransacked by the screening people. It was almost worth it watching them open my LARGE suitcase filled with model-making tools. I thought that I was going to... View full entry

  • More From Dallas

    Jason King
    Mar 25, '05 2:03 PM EST

    Looking up inside a Serra Sculpture.The KimbellLight in the Kimbell.Dan Flavin Retrospective at the Modern.Warhol at a Modern museum? Well, I never...Dallas has a lot of freeways.And they are building more...and they look kinda awesome when they converge.A forgettable building that looked cool... View full entry

  • Yee-haw From a Texas Spring Break

    Jason King
    Mar 24, '05 11:04 PM EST

  • Project Three

    Jason King
    Mar 15, '05 4:06 PM EST

    Another one done. We followed the same basic criteria on this one as we did on the previous two. Our site was a 40ft deep ravine, 10' wide at the top and 20' wide at the base. We had to build a structure that in some way spanned the gap. My "mentor" for this one was Plasma Studio, my element was... View full entry

  • 2x8 at the A+D Museum

    Jason King
    Mar 8, '05 6:22 AM EST

    Saturday night was the opening of the 2x8 exhibit at the a+d museum. To my knowledge, the exhibit was to show the work of two students from 8 area architecture schools; hence the name 2x8. However, there were 12 schools and some had very large groups of students representing, so go figure. Either... View full entry

  • Identities

    Jason King
    Feb 28, '05 7:46 PM EST

  • AdMEIERed

    Jason King
    Feb 28, '05 7:01 PM EST

    In my Design Communication class, we are modeling and rendering Meier's MACBA. I really enjoy computer modeling, but holy shit how time consuming. This is literally 30 hours of work over the weekend. And this is practice for modeling the Baths of Caracalla; not the ruins, as they were c. 250 AD... View full entry

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