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    Lessons Learned in First Year Studio (So Far)

    Jason King
    Jan 25, '05 2:07 AM EST

    • 100 xacto blades go 100 times faster than you expect.
    • NEVER use Spray Mount anywhere near your cutting mat.
    • Clean Borco and a Clean Mayline are a friendly Borco and a friendly Mayline.
    • Get a job in the wood/metal shop.
    • T-shirts and jeans are for wiping lead off of triangles/scales.
    • Look up the definition for the term phenomenological if even you think that you know it. And never use it out of context near an instructor who knows you are using it out of context.
    • Back up even the most trivial files.

    More as I run into them. What lessons have you learned?


    • drs

      I've managed to make many many mistakes already this year. It's obligatory. My favourite mistake belonged to a fellow student though, who remarked that the most important thing she'd do differently if we had measure the cathedral steps again was "not wear a miniskirt when there's a building site next door!"
      When compiling my portfolio - twenty sheets of A1 with documentation of our first semester's work - I realised that next semester I should always work in black and white (otherwise printing is awkward and expensive), and probably design a layout grid so that everything certainly sits well together at the end of the year.

      Jan 25, 05 5:48 am  · 
      George Showman

      Here at the GSAPP one of the first things to learn is cell-phone etiquette. I.e. don't have long conversations at your desk, and don't leave your phone on your desk with the ringer on if you go to class. This last one, which seems so fundamentally obvious, is hard to learn... it takes years of training, apparently.

      I regret not getting a woodshop job... it does seem to be the best thing to do. The highest paying jobs by far here are the software TA-ships, though. I opted for the drawing TA-ship, which was medium pay and good teaching experience. Now, if I can finish my portfolio for tomorrow, I can maybe get a "studio mentor" job, which doesn't pay (that I know of) but basically involves helping first-years with their studio projects -- should be a blast.

      Jan 25, 05 10:47 am  · 

      a classmate who'd had previous student experience told me "no matter how badly you despise some of your studio mates, they'll all be like family to you by the end of the 10 weeks any way..." so far that's seeming to be fairly true.

      Jan 25, 05 1:06 pm  · 
      david basulto

      always reciclate models...always
      and as for the backup, always backup!
      keep away glue from your cutting mat, 60cm ruler is the best one, lots of glue cans is better than no glue at 5AM the day of crit...

      Jan 25, 05 10:09 pm  · 

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