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    three fourths.

    Jason King
    Oct 28, '06 1:29 AM EST

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    The semester is more than half way over. Amazing. I have hardly blinked and we have finished three projects. Time goes really, really fast when there is constantly a deadline.

    I will post images from the 1st 3 projects soon. I need to photograph the models and compile all of the process and production for my portfolio and will then share it here.

    My school is in quite a metamorphosis right now. We are without a Dean, we have a new assistant chair, all of the staff that were on sabbatical have returned, and our campus is completely under (re)construction. We have several new buildings that will house a lot more students/give students more space which is good, but the design for the architecture building kind of sucks. Which is a bit of a letdown because it is a missed oppurtunity for us to have an iconic building that could reflect our growing stature in the world southern california architectural education. But iconic it is not. It's really not even good. But to me it is a moot point anyway because I will have graduated before its completion. I just really like my school and hate to see poor decisions made.

    Everything else is good. Studio is great and the projects have been really fun. I have done a lot more all-nighters than last semester, and I am sleeping 13 hours a night right now before the next storm.

    Cheers and good luck.

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