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    Hitting the Links

    Jason King
    Jul 31, '05 12:43 PM EST

    School resumes in less than a month now. I am more than ready to get back. The Summer has felt a little long. I've read a few books, drank a few beers, traveled to Austin; but now I am ready to get back to school. I also quit smoking this Summer. It's been exactly 2 weeks today.

    I thought that I would post a few of the architecture-related sites that I read the daily RSS feeds of:


    City Comforts

    Design Observer

    The Gutter


    Terra Non Firma

    Veritas et Venustas

    Also, my personal site is here

    This is not a comprehensive list of the feeds I read, but a sample. I hate being bombarded by 100 links, and I won't bombard you with them. But if you have any sites that you read and would recommend, please leave them n the comments.

    Cheers. Hope everyone is having a good Summer.


    • Also, my personal site is here. Did you mean for that link to go someplace else besides this blog?
      Jul 31, 05 3:21 pm  · 

      yea...and why am I not mentioned

      sniff sniff

      Jul 31, 05 8:51 pm  · 

      oops. thanks javier. fixed.

      architechnophilia...what is your site?

      Jul 31, 05 9:10 pm  · 

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