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    Some Thoughts Post-Spring Break Loosely Related to Architecture

    Jason King
    Mar 30, '05 1:15 AM EST

    -To the Airport Ticket Lady: Just beacause a guy has a beard and fashionably messy hair does not mean he smokes/smuggles drugs. My bags were ransacked by the screening people. It was almost worth it watching them open my LARGE suitcase filled with model-making tools. I thought that I was going to Guantanamo when they saw how many different cutting tools were in my possesion. (In Australia they confiscated my Pelikan 4001 Ink. I guess they thought I might hijack the plane with poetry.) I had a book in my bag on the Salk Institute and while I was watching the screener he was flipping through the book and seemed to be interested in more than just looking for drugs. Damn that Khan is good.
    After my three bags were checked, I was then stopped at the security checkpoint because the Ticket Lady had stamped my passport with the code "SSSS", which means, roughly, "Check this guy". I barely made my flight.

    -Circling Los Angeles in an airplane on a clear night is mesmerizing and almost made the memory of the above frustration go away.

    -If you put your 11 year old nephew near a multi-million dollar Matisse, he will touch it.

    -And maybe the fact that an 11 year old who has never heard the word Matisse wants to touch it is what makes Matisse so good.

    -I wrote a report on the architecture of Dr. Strangelove that turned out to be quite interesting.

    -Not doing any Studio work over Spring Break has kind of come back to haunt me the last 2 days. Though when you work the way we do, spring break is kind of vital.

    -Dallas is an incredible city. I hated it when I grew up there, but everytime I go back I enjoy it more and more.

    -That's all for now. I must sleep because I don't think that I will get much of that until next Tuesday.

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