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    Final Project or: Damn This Semester (Year) Went by Quickly

    Jason King
    Apr 12, '05 9:42 PM EST

    Fourth project was presented last week. Presentation went pretty well. I kind of plugged my fascination with The Five Obstructions into my process. I made myself stick to a kind of rigid Kahn-ian geometry. I also chose to fight my addiction to computer graphics. My presentation board was composed completely by hand, which is something that I thought I wasn't really all that competent in doing. And actually I came very close to mucking up several hours worth of hand drawings.

    I was going to acetone transfer (note: fingernail polish remover works better) a pattern of repeated images of Kahn's work onto my drawing wherever the section was cut. The image was the triangle that you see when you look up in the stairway of Kahn's Yale Art Gallery. I had transferred probably 100 of them onto my paper when I noticed something. I asked studiomate Danny, "Umm, what does this look like to you?" After he finished laughing he said, "Leopard Print." "Yeah, that's what I thought also," I thought.

    I sat staring dejectedly at my exotic safari drawings, imagining presenting the next day in front of what looks like Hugh Hefner's bedspread.

    I decided to cut out the section [read: leopard print] and put the drawing onto a mesh that was dominant in my model.

    The result was quite good, and I like it even better than my photoshop compostitions.

    Anyhow, that project is done and I will post images soon.

    Final Project

    The site for our final project is any of our previous sites, with the new spin being that our construct must be 48' above wherever it last touches the earth. The "space" must be atop the structure.

    A little about my background. I have been skateboarding since I was 4 years old and was professional for most of my teens and twenties. I have been designing and building ramps since I was about 11, and I think that is one of the reasons that I am interested in architecture.

    So for the final project I am designing a "megaramp" with no issues of cost, insurance, ceiling heights, or other obstructions. I think it may be a little cliche to design a ramp for Studio (at least here at Woodbury it seems it has been done dozens of times) but I want to do it. And I figure that sometime in my career I will certainly be designing a skatepark, so I will use this as practice. Also, when I saw the bowl at Supreme on Fairfax, I was more awestruck by a construct than I have been in a long time.

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