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Jan '05 - Apr '07

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    Week One Day Four

    Jason King
    Sep 2, '05 3:05 AM EST

    I woke up today in a foul mood; one of those moods that I am not quite sure why I am in. Have I mentioned that I quit smoking 6 weeks ago? That may have something to do with the mood.

    I arrived at school at around 9:00AM and the parking lot was 140% full. I had to park with others in a Tow Away Fire Zone. I don't remember the exact numbers that our Chair told us in our annual First Day Of Studio All Years Get Together, but enrollment is larger than ever. And it is showing. Nowhere more than the parking lot. Between our campus and the San Diego campus, we are a pretty large Dept. of Architecture.

    As I mentioned previously, the faculty/powers that be are handling the growing pains well, but the parking situation is going to be problematic because it seems that our campus is pretty landlocked. Maybe we can enact Eminent Domain [

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