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    Project One

    Jason King
    Sep 21, '05 8:25 PM EST

    As soon as the wifi signal in my studio is fixed, I will be able to post on a regular basis. Posts might be sporadic until then.

    Here are some images from my project. Briefly Explained:

    We chose (randomly, from a hat or something shaped like a hat) a material, a methodology and a case study(ies). We then had to explore the chosen material and document 20 explorations with the object and an exploration in an accompanying book. After the explorations, we had to use the knowledge we had gained from the experiments and construct an object occuppying three cubic feet of space (as always, three cubic feet is kind of a loose number that can extend to, say, 20)

    My material was wood composites, my methodology was laminating and my case studies were Alvar Aalto, the Spruce Goose and Renzo Piano. I took the Aalto and Spruce Goose route and began bending and laminating 1/8" bendable poplar plywood, truly an amazing material. I experimented a lot with simple bending and then went more toward complex form building and splitting and bending a single piece in multiple axes. The final construct is a chair that consists of over 70 linear feet of bendable poplar. It is still drying (I had to build a 2'x8' "bathtub" to soak the wood in overnight) and there are some cosmetic touch ups that are neccesary, but it is almost finished.

    I have to say that I have never been more impressed by the work of my class as a whole, there was truly something remarkable to observe in every gallery. I will try to compile some images of their work and post them here as well.

    Project One: Plied

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    • AP

      cool, congrats.

      Sep 22, 05 11:15 am  · 

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