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    Jason King
    May 6, '06 4:13 AM EST
    exhibit 011.jpg

    My semester is officially over. I turned in a set of drawings for Professional Practice today and that was the end. Two years of architecture school officially done. I can't believe it has already been two years.

    The above image of the exhibit that I helped to design/build/curate doesn't do justice to how good the space looked. I was already well drunk at this point and the lighting is hard to photograph with a point and shoot camera. It will be professionally photographed soon and I will get copies to post here. When we began, our Hollywood Studio was a dingy old white space with a yellow tile floor. We completely transformed it and I was very pleased with the outcome.

    Highlights of The Show:

    -The surprise and excitement of most of the faculty upon seeing the space.

    -The introduction of the Woodbury University/Julius Shulman Fellowship. (Have I told you about the Julius Shulman Institute at Woodbury? Probably not, because I still don't know much about it, but he has been hanging around a lot.)

    -Being introduced to Shulman and he hit on my date and asked her if he could take her for a ride on his walker.

    -Watching someone spill a glass of red wine and seeing Julius Shulman forbid anyone from walking in it or wiping it up unitl he could borrow someones camera to photograph it.

    -Seeing the place fill up to about 400 people not 10 minutes after we had finished painting alll of the lines on the floor.

    -Meeting new Los Angeles architecture school brethren and realizing people actually read Archinect.

    And. I have to take a minute to acknowledge the fact that I worked with an amazing team of people spearheaded by Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, one of the greatest teachers that I have ever worked with.

    For those who missed it, it will be on again the week of the AIA convention, and I will (probably) be hosting walk-and-talks if you would like to come by.

    Other than that, I am happy that summer is here. I am currently working for three Norman's on unrelated projects, which I find a little odd.

    One of them will be on display at LACMA on May 18th. I am doing some 3D modeling related to the Grand Ave development, but beyond that I am not sure what it is for or even what the LACMA exhibit is about. Details as I know them.

    Life is good. Enjoy your Summer.

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    • Marlin

      the working mechanics of your gallery intervention deserve further description. Enjoyed the event: architecture, situationisms, ladies, drinks, and hijinks. The SoCal archinect crowd should consider a visit during the AIA event.
      Thanks again.

      Given the exhibit was composed of backlit mylar plots, the following becomes an amusing quote from my final review 4/21, of which exhibitor and Woodbury Faculty member Rob Ley was a part:

      Rob Ley: "Marlin, c'mon, man! Feeding mylar into an inkjet plotter, that makes about as much sense as feeding a concrete slab through a wet saw!"

      May 7, 06 2:24 pm  · 

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