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    Jason King
    Jan 22, '06 10:27 PM EST

    Most people's entries on here begin with the phrase, "it's been a long time since my last post", and this entry is no different.

    So to catch up:

    1. Last semesters final project ended up with me in the ER. Lack of sleep + Lack of food + Red Bull x4 + Coffe x2= an EKG and some strong relaxation drugs pumped into me through an IV.

    2. Relaxing over winter break in Texas reading Architecture and Dysjunction and Content

    3. A drive from Texas to California and then studio started and here we are 2 weeks into school.

    My schedule for the semester:

    Studio 2B: Site Orders
    History of Contemporary Art
    Professional Practice
    Hollywood Confidential

    The class Hollywood Confidential has started out as the frontrunner for my Favorite Class of the Semester. It is taught by Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter and the synopsis of it is this: we are planning a party.

    The AIA convention is in LA this year and we are making "maps" to be included in their convention guidebook. The "maps" will bring them to our Hollywood Studio where we will have designed a space/theme for the party.

    We are looking at the Situationists for inspiration. Our reading for the class consists of Guy Debord, Tschumi et. al. So my reading over the break was actually quite accidentally helpful for the class. I will be doing a derive for the class next week and I will post images when I have them. I kind of have an idea of what it will be based on... but we'll see.

    My other classes are a bit boring so far, but I will write about them as they pique my interest.

    Good luck and good semester everyone. Cheers

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