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    Post 52: Thesis update 9

    farid rakun
    Mar 27, '13 9:45 PM EST

    #liltreasures Day 9

    Tried to remove the windshield + other glass panes. Unsuccessfully. Ended up calling a glass store (that charges $100 per piece) to remove just the windshield. I'm keeping other glass panes in their respective places. Ending up removing a lot of leftovers from the sterring wheel + the whole sunroof. If this was any other day before, I would consider it productive. But not today. I feel behind.

    It's funny how no matter who you are, working with (not too) heavy tools brings this ‘macho’ feeling inside you. A kind of feeling I'm trying not to do at all (that's why I don't do this SAAB project Gordon Matta-Clark would—either cut it with a chainsaw or wreck it with a tractor). It's like I wake up every morning feeling like a knight who has to disembowel a beasty dragon in order to kill it completely. The studio as my battleground. Weird.

    Coming up: wheels et al.


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