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    Post 26: my Forum shows

    farid rakun
    Jun 18, '12 10:09 PM EST


    First thing first, apologies for the prolonged hiatus. The last semester turned out to be a hectic one, with a lot of stuff happened for me. It was a tough year, although coming out of it alive, I couldn't be more thankful.

    Expect a lot of posts from me today… I was planning to make a “mega-update”, but I decided to make many different posts instead. I'm sharing the excitement here.

    First stop, the Forum shows I participated last semester. If you asked me the first time I step into Cranbrook's ground, I never thought that I would participate in any Forum Gallery shows during my time in Cranbrook (see more past shows here & here). As my many other prejudgements, I was proven wrong. I participated in two of them last semester alone.

    The first one was for Off the Wall 3 in April, an annual show for zines & posters from the 2D Design dept. I made one zine using's July '11 - April '12 photo entries, mashing up its respective text into the image using a text processing software, making glitches out of them. Again, the position of the author became questioned, giving rise to the importance of the editor instead.

    Some image samples of the zine:


    The second one was in March (the setting for video posting of this blog forced me to go reverse-chronologically here), for De-Authoring, a group show curated by my dear friend Amy Smith Garofano. Frank Lloyd Wrong did a performance in the opening. It was a live real-time FLW's drawings (plans & sections) to make sounds using Soundrop iPad app by Develoe LLC. See a documentation of the show below.

    FLW open performance for De-Authoring, Forum Gallery, March 2012. Video by Emily Baker.

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