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    Post 42: ‘How I put a SAAB 9-3 into Cranbrook Art Museum’ (Degree Show piece)

    farid rakun
    Mar 18, '13 3:21 PM EST

    OK, apologies for the really long non-announced hiatus. Honestly, I have been busy with everything but school projects (well, some of it are school projects, but as you might already find out by now, I rarely make consumables—either objects or images, so there was nothing seductive enough to post for anyone to read). But as Degree Show is really creeping up on me (mark your calendar: member/invite-only opening on April 20th, but the show will be open up until May 12th), I am forced to get down + dirty again.

    As the title of this post indicate, my self-explanatory piece will be called ‘How I put a SAAB 9-3 into Cranbrook Art Museum’. What you read is what you get.

    It came about with me being really open towards every external factors there are (the BIG's dictum “YES IS MORE” taken to absurdity). Among others, these externalities are: my late scholarship fund that still renders me freaking broke, the breakdown of my beloved SAAB 9-3 (the car's manual gearbox blew in the beginning of this school year, to replace which costs more than the price of the car itself), the specifications + limitations imposed by Cranbrook Art Museum in which the Degree Show will be held, + the limited working space this year has as a result of admitting 11 people for my year. Oh, lately I also begin to question the role of ‘labor’ in our beloved profession.

    I am continuing my rule-based working method. My submitted proposal notes:

    1. Dismantle the SAAB into its smallest elements possible (timeframe:
    March 18 - April 9)
    2. Configure, install, group, & organize all dismantled elements inside
    the Museum during museum installation time
    (timeframe: April 10-18, 9am-5pm)
    3. Area of installation: majority on the 8’ x 8’ SIP panel base, small
    elements can be installed straight on the wall of the museum
    4. Document the whole process
    (coordination with neighboring students in the museum is needed)
    5. Using iPad & projector, project the edited collection of documentation
    footage as a short movie on the museum wall

    As you can see, starting today, I have exactly 1 month to finish this project. A lot of people who I have talked to are really excited, proven by the way that every single one of them projected ‘what they would do’ spontaneously to me. Every single one was prescriptive. I figured that it happens because of the currency of this idea is in the idea itself. Descriptive projects can be really banal + easy to understand, rendering them into words, of which (future) audiences are provoked to make them into (their own) poetry. I would argue for these qualities to be positive.

    This idea for me is both the easiest + the most challenging one I come up with in grad-school. Easy, as it can be seen as a natural progression from my previous projects, combining Gallery A (what is this SAAB, but my final + biggest ‘scrap’ during my time living in Cranbrook ground?) + Habitat for Humanity ReStore intervention series (with more time + more specific material to play with). The most challenging exactly because of all those aspects that make it the easiest. With different parameters, this one will be read, experienced, + offering different kind of challenges. The biggest trap for me is that I think I know what I'm getting into, but it would turn out completely different.

    Latest update: all the tools I ordered online came today. I just need to spend some time with their manuals, + I'm ready to go. I hope you readers are excited as I am!

    As I will be updating the development of this project using this blog, now it's time for me to say: see y'all soon!


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    • I appreciate that you're still blogging this even though your deadline is so tight.  Can't wait to see the finished product.

      Apr 2, 13 4:18 pm  · 

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