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    Post 39: Analogue Projection | “Human Skull Shifting” by William E. Massie

    farid rakun
    Nov 6, '12 12:17 PM EST


    A post to support our Architect-in-Residence, Bill Massie's (first?) Kickstarter project. Entitled “Human Skull Shifting”, I personally found this project is worth of everyone $$. Especially when it means to help him translating this into a bigger scale (therefore different materials).

    I'll curl-up now (the typing away version of “shut up”), and let him do all the explanation needed:

    The attempt of yielding advanced digital fabrication techniques in recycled material.

    The goal is to experiment further with translucency, computer modeling and recycled materials.  If I can receive enough backing, I am hoping to produce large screens.  For instance, an entire human or animal body image.  Also bringing this back into architecture as an entirely "shape shifting" space that one can experience by moving through the work.

    The Fading Human Head's geometry was sourced by scanning an actual human skull and is reproduced at full scale in the large cardboard screen.

    I will try my best to ship by December 10th so that you can have your screen for the holidays.  This depends on the volume of interest and is limited by the fact that I only have one laser cutter and will be making everything in my studio.

    Thank you very much for your support!


    Like all the images in this post, more detailed explanations, including the video to lure you, can be found here. Don't forget to support!

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