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    Post 40: ‘Navigating the Postnatural’ final update

    farid rakun
    Nov 26, '12 12:17 PM EST

    It opened the weekend before last. It will be open until Dec 10, if anyone is in town and would like to visit.

    The ‘inundation’ of IKEA tables into Salt & Cedar exhibition space

    Consisting of 36 sets of Lack coffee table series from IKEA, and using their array of colors to code each individual modules in the system design, the intent here is to achieve maximum versatility using minimum means (budget, energy, and time). Just using velcro as attachment in order to keep the off-the-shelf products unaltered, I told the gallery owner that they could even return each of the items to IKEA and The Home Depot in the next 60 days or so, if they'd like to. I hope that they would continue utilizing the system for the future, but I like to think that it's no longer my call.


    The exhibition ‘table set’

    Thanks to Meredith Miller, Etienne Turpin, and Sigrid Espelien for their assistance and opportunity to make this exhibition real.

    Thanks to ruangrupa and Shannon Stratton for donating their publications for the exhibit.

    Previous post on the exhibition itself can be found here.

    Books from ruangrupa in display

    threewalls' Phone Book 3 in display

    Preliminary sketches and prototypes

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