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    Post 15: bench updates

    farid rakun
    Dec 8, '11 8:14 PM EST

    Today me & Jodie played some more. There are further ideas we want to pursue further, but I'll just let the pictures talk for now.

    The latest state at the time of posting


    So, looking at the pictures, anyone have any useful insight?

    Some process photos


    • maybe next version can use something renewable like bamboo rather than toxic pvc? it's probably a challenge to get bamboo of a suitable size, and i know pvc is ubiquitous, so first version this makes sense. but maybe next time...

      i like the idea of the thing. simple, adaptable to different circumstances. 

      Dec 11, 11 8:23 am  · 

      i'd echo steven's points (just for an extra vote) - that's a whole lot of pvc. it may be "cheap" but has a nasty hangover in the long run. 


      if bamboo isn't available, can you find any recycled off-casts that could be shaped? say from shipping pallets or from any nearby wood supplier? i guess i'm voting for something recycled (not just recyclable) over something toxic and cheap.


      lastly, from a pure design standpoint, i'd see if you can shave material out of the whole equation. is there a clamping mechanism that you can build into the frame to 'set' the tubes so that there's a singular 'final' shape? or are you guys going to cut the frame down and have only one layer of material in the end? hopefully the latter.

      Dec 11, 11 9:22 am  · 

      Steven & Gregory,

      Thanks for the inputs. They are really useful. We are considering ropes, bamboo, rattan (& any natural fiber available), or even 2x4's for future experimentations. Stay tune & please keep the critical thoughts posted.

      The reason for PVC is because we can buy & return them in bulk to Home Depot. We are still figuring things out, so it helps to keep our material palette open with as little expense as possible. Arguably, god bless Home Depot in this case.

      Dec 11, 11 5:30 pm  · 

      You should look to some sail rigging catalogues for hot looking hardware.  Who knows you might even want to explore some sail fabric  and move away from the object made up of many pieces.  I have seen a wood slung bench made with rope and 2X2 sticking which is kinda cool and very organic.

      Dec 12, 11 5:59 pm  · 

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