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    Post 20: TV cart

    farid rakun
    Jan 12, '12 10:19 PM EST

    Welcome to the new semester.

    I volunteered to do a TV cart for the studio. It must be done under a considerable budget (not much, but proper). A sibling cart is being designed by Andrew Matt, another first-year.

    I started with this diagram:

    What I realized is that I have the desire to hide and tidy the connecting cables up. Pretty simple & banal. The method? Stacking. That's why I did these explorations:

    1. Using Buckycubes as an aid, I intended to improvisationally stack something hollow so the cables can run through the space inside them.


    2. Since Andrew was planning to use steel tubes, I stumbled upon left over materials in the form of dunnage that is used to transport them. I just played with the idea of stacking using them.


    Out of this messing around, and the conversation with Andrew and Bill about the need for our pieces to be in dialogue, to a certain extent, I came up with this sketch that got translated further into the renderings below.



    This is in no way a finish project (as always). Me & Andrew decided to go to crit as soon as possible (we went today, the first crit of the semester) since we figured out it would work in our advantage that way. Materially, constructionally, technically, at least I still need to figure a lot of things out.

    Any input?

    A new semester. A longer, more hopeful one. Cheers to that.

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