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    Post 28: Degree Show (short post)

    farid rakun
    Jun 18, '12 11:20 PM EST

    Thesis means Degree Show for the second-years. It was exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring for me—in a sense that I learned what not to do (yes, I owe the post-something-anything French writers in using negation in describing to myself what something is not, instead of what it is).

    I decided not to post too much of the whole process here, since 1) it would take me the whole day to compose a readable post of what I went through personally, 2) I could not help but to touch others' sensitive nerve in the process. So, I'll just leave you with some pictures of most of us sitting outside critting (coincidentally, once again, Tania Ursomarzo's) work during the beautiful Second-Year Final Review day.

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    • GriffithSykesse

      Wow..amazing environment..It looks very greenish..


      Office Furniture, Office Chairs

      Jun 21, 12 2:46 am  · 

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