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    Post 36: ‘Haunted Attraction’, Forum Gallery (1), Oct 26th-31st

    farid rakun
    Nov 3, '12 8:18 PM EST

    Exhibition view.


    Through Robert C. Larson Venture Fund Award, I bought a MakerBot Replicator dual-extruder for my personal use for my final year in the academy.

    As a vehicle for my trial-+-error experimentation using the machine in an art academy setting, I'm planning to use Forum Gallery open calls as my program. I'm going to try answering every single one of them, doing different experimentations on the way.

    The first one of this series was done for the halloween Forum exhibit, entitled ‘Haunted Attraction’. The people who were responsible for the show were Jessi Hardesty, Shlee Nowak (both from Print Media), and Hwan Jahng (2D Design).

    For that I burned ‘failure prints’ into tracing paper, and use these components to create a more three-dimensional illustrations.

    The original components.

    Monsters 2.5d, ABS plastic and ink on tracing paper, 9"x12" each.


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