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    Post 37: Habitat for Humanity ReStore intervention series (Oct 19 & 20)

    farid rakun
    Nov 3, '12 9:13 PM EST

    Via Meaghan Barry's Instagram


    This is the initial project I proposed for Robert C. Larson Venture Fund Award—where I planned to use the MakerBot to print joints in order to be able to do an “urban intervention performance” on site. Borrowing each of the stores' (on Greenfield Road & Mack Ave. respectively) off-the-shelves available materials, using them purely as materials (dismissing their narrative potentials), and returning them onto the shelves afterwards (in order to bring forward the question on value). Spontaneous + improvisational with extreme constraints.

    As always, and predicted before, my plan failed miserably. I did not know the speed and legworks needed to operate a MakerBot before. Design of the joints might be done onsite in spontaneous manner, but to test, prepare, calibrate, and wait for the prints itself would make the performance itself ridiculous if I would try and forced the initial idea to be as planned.

    So, while the MakerBot 3d printing experimentation is taking another form (look at my previous posts on Forum Gallery open calls here for more details), this intervention was required to be modified. I asked my good friend, class-mate and colleague, Fernando Bales, to help me do these interventions. He kindly said yes. The form became a kind-of challenge (not unlike 72 Hour Urban Action I participated in before): what could be done, architectonically, with spontaneous, ever-changing, unplanned settings (material availability differs for each locations, and depends heavily on the time-of-day), by two people, 8-hours (for both installation and de-installation process—the less mark we left on the site the better), and more-or-less $20?

    With Home Depot clamps and zipties (the whole collection of 4-dozens clamps were returned after use, of course) serving as our main arsenal, you can see our answers below:

    Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Greenfield Rd., Detroit. Oct. 20. 9am-5.30pm.

    Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Mack Ave., Detroit. Oct. 20, 9am-3pm.

    Greenfield ReStore, Oct 19, 9am-5.30pm
    Mack ReStore, Oct 20, 9am-3pm

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