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    Post 22: TV cart updates

    farid rakun
    Feb 4, '12 5:20 PM EST

    Evening crit this week, complete with food & beverages.


    Starting this week, my schedule is totally unbelievable. Collaborative work with Amy Garofano from Painting (for another post… maybe…) is taking its toll, 2D Design elective matters are piling up, and my own crit in the Arch dept. is always on. I'm not sleeping well (I haven't really slept well since the start of the school), but I'm really excited about everything. Nerve-wrecked; the term might explain my condition now.

    Anyway, on the TV cart project, here are some updates:

    I started by visiting Harbor Freight. The other person who's designing the cart, Andrew Matt, took me there. I started with looking around, took their catalogue, and browsing through them. I was looking for something to hack, basically. This is what I came up with:


    I found a ready-made mass-produced object that fits the program asked for the TV cart. It's an overkill, as the product was made as an engine hoist, with 1 ton maximum capacity. This hoist holding up a TV (& a laptop), will be like shooting a mosquito with a Terminator shotgun.

    For economic and insecurity reasons, I decided to investigate the principle further by looking at the option of designing my own cart alternatives, based on this finding. There are 3 alternatives:

    Alternative 1, the hoist simplified. Smaller in size with shorter arms, and stripped down from its superfluous mechanics.


    Alternative 2, the same principle with sheet-steel material. The physical study model made me realized that there is a folding performance possibility to learn from it (it looks too similar to iMac leg for my taste).


    Alternative 3, pushing the sheet-bending forward, and with a little help with someone close, I thought about another way of utilizing the material properties to achieve the performance I intend to.


    Surprise, surprise… After the great discussion we had in crit, guess which one idea I decided to pursue? Neither of the alternatives, a lot of people convinced me to go with the initial sketch idea. And I'm agreeing with them.

    So, Harbor Freight TV ‘joist’? Here I come…

    (More updates after the 2D Design crit scheduled next Thursday, & Artists in Residence review the Thursday after… I've told you my time is running out…)

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