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    Post 17: bench—preparing for reviews…

    farid rakun
    Dec 12, '11 10:33 PM EST

    Today was the second-years' Artists-in-Residence (AiR) review. We cleaned up the space so it's presentable.

    We did not have to move the bench, thanks to Troy Oglesby for being really cool (I disassembled the Granny Shack last week, but it's for another post). But we had to tidy up, in the name of currently-in-clean-&-decent studio. So we turned this object into a rack for PVC pipes. Don't you love being simple?


    As for us, first-years, final review for this semester will be on Dec. 14th (this Wednesday). As I still have tons of stuff to do for the Granny's, I decided to stick with anything we end up with tonight. It's intended for the 3 reviewers to sit on while I present. Let's see how it turns out two days from now, shall we?

    I guess, that's it for now. Next!

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