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    Post 10: DIY chair

    farid rakun
    Nov 7, '11 6:45 PM EST

    We had a big one last Friday (Nov., 4th). Bill moved his regular Thursday public crit to that day, proceeded by a visit by Jana Cephas, our Critical Studies Fellow.

    I signed up for Jana session. Knowing her background and interest, I decided to retell the same old story—about how I got the notion about open-source architectural practice—but telling it a different way.

    I started with influences: individuals that has touched me & my sensibilities over time. Be it through personal or professional collaborations. Projects from Cecil Mariani, Andi RHARHARHA, AhmettSalina, and MG Pringgotono I showed.

    Works by Cecil Mariani, 2004 & 2009


    A piece by Andi RHARHARHA, 2011, photograph by me (originally published in Karbon Journal)


    A press coverage on AhmettSalina's UrbanPLAY!


    I intend to carry on this open-ended, culturally sensitive, playful, participatory, & collaborative mode of working by planning a new studio project, here in Cranbrook.

    Jodie Cooper, a transfer from Metalsmithing Dept., presented his work two weeks ago. Comparing with a chair idea I had back in 2009, I couldn't help but ask him to collaborate on something. Anything at all.

    Work in progress, Jodie Cooper, 2011


    Tatai built-in bench, farid rakun, 2009


    A chair was what we agreed upon. Following are diagrams of what we are planning to built this week (PVC pipes we have, additional steel plates & tubes were ordered earlier today):

    DIY Chair, working diagrams, Jodie Cooper & farid rakun, 2011


    A Rhino screen cap, showing geometry derived out of the silhouette of an Eames chair


    In my head, the chair will be a prototype of a system, of which future users can play & interact with, creating swirling geometries they imagine themselves.

    Wish us luck, will keep you guys updated! Stay tune.

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