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    Post 9: construction updates

    farid rakun
    Nov 7, '11 6:04 PM EST

    I finished configuring the main elements of my construction a couple of days ago. I found a better way to butt-join my frames, and after that everything else were painless.

    I spent my time staring at it for a while, maybe like the myth, in which Louis Kahn asking, “Hey, brick. What do you want to be?”. But most probably not, as I did not feel that it was as poetic as that. For me, it bore more similarity with Jack White's “pick a battle with your instrument. Conquest.” I wanted to strangle it to the ground at one point or another. Just for fun, the video that depicts my condition is embedded below the post.

    From where I am standing now, I am victorious. I am excited about the possibilities this new toy of mine bring. I'll put regular updates in the near future. Hint: they consist of LEDs and breadboards. Ha!

    Just for the sake of information, following are the consequent progress:

    That's it for now on this project.

    “Conquest” by White Stripes, 2007

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