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Oct '11 - May '13

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    Post 4: Ice fishing shanty charette

    farid rakun
    Oct 17, '11 9:35 PM EST

    This is the second competition we are doing as warm-ups (my post on the first can be found here). I was not so interested in doing this one at first, but life has its own way to prove how wrong I was, since it turned out to be the idea whose path is more challenging and fun to follow.

    It began with a series of geometrical patterns exploration both through drawings and model.


    By following this idea through, I decided to make the simplest shack I could conceive.

    Then, the question that has been in mind for a couple years suddenly resurfaced: what if I open the chance for anyone to make this idiot shack? DIY and the ice-fishing sub-culture mentality go hand in hand. So why not? Could this be an Instructable project? What other possibilities are available out there for this approach in its evolution? Is it transformable for another use? As simple as that, I've found the topic I'm interested to pursue.

    What's next, then? I could spill all the bean right here, right now, but it wouldn't be fun, would it? Stay tune for progress, experiments, failure, and hopefully success stories.

    I'm going to leave you with a couple of snapshots of the client crit for now, by the end of which she decided 4 projects that she's interested in (FYI, my proposal is not in that group of the selected few).

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