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Oct '11 - May '13

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    Post 3: Sun shade structure charette

    farid rakun
    Oct 17, '11 8:45 PM EST

    As our warm up projects, Bill gave us two competitions with real clients. The first one is for a sun shade structure in a McMansion tennis lawn in Bloomfield Hills township area.

    How the class is structured is we pretty much do our own things, with scheduled individual desk crits by Bill, that we have to sign-up for using Google Docs. After a week or two, a client or two would come, see, and hopefully decide for a winner. That is not the case for this particular project.

    What we did, instead, was a group crit, followed by series of desk crits, and time for client. The client could not make up their mind, so we self-filtered ourselves with option to bail-out entirely out of the project. Result: only 6 out of 15 people decided to pursue further (I'm with the majority). Below is the progress I made for this project:

    I started with a sketch before visiting the site:

    That turned out to be a different animal after the program and context were given.

    After first group crit, I decided to heavily edit my proposal into its most initial idea. I drop the seating, targeting something more elegant and honest to its diagram. The final version of it:

    The client were not interested, I thought, so I decided to pursue another idea that seems more interesting to me (I'm going to tell you in the next post, and this blog will be one of the way I am testing that idea, so your patience will be very much appreciated.)

    Some snapshots from the first client crit, Oct. 3rd:

    And some from the second client crit, today, Oct. 17th:

    Time to move to the next one…

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