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Oct '11 - May '13

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    Post 2: lecture, lecture, and more lectures

    farid rakun
    Oct 17, '11 7:52 PM EST

    The great thing about Cranbrook is its loose structure. I'm loving it, just so I don't have to deal with classes that I care nothing about. Being not exactly young to get into a grad school, I also have my own agenda already.

    Taking their place, classes are replaced by lectures. Here's how this fall semester lecture calendar looks like:

    As I'm kind of late already, and we are catching up to the most recent happenings in the school, I'll just fly through them briefly below.

    1. Artists-in-Residence talk, tackling the theme of “Interdisciplinary Practice”, Sept. 19th-21st.

    There are 10 departments in the academy, each with one Artist-in-Residence (AiR). Each of these AiRs had around 30 minutes to introduce themselves mostly to the first-years. I really don't know how they could stay interested and interesting doing exactly this every year. But maybe artists never have any problem talking about themselves that much. My guess.

    Anyway, taking the podium for the first day were Randy Bolton (Print Media), Elliot Earls (2D Design), Iris Eichenberg (Metalsmithing), and Heather McGill (Sculpture).

    It was the turn of Beverly Fishman (Painting), Scott Klinker (3D Design), and Anders Ruhwald (Ceramics) in the second day.

    The series was closed by talks from Mark Newport (Fiber), Liz Cohen (Photography), and Bill Massie (Architecture). I don't have any image from the last day (the DVD recording of it doesn't work when I checked it out at the library), but rest assured, Bill made his statement by not showing any of his work, but endless video & audio recordings of Marshall McLuhan's public appearances, closing it by the announcement that he would present all of his works to date on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, from noon to 4 pm. If that's not enough challenge for anyone, I don't know what is.

    2. Richard Deacon, “An Afternoon with Richard Deacon”, Sep. 24th.

    3. Leonardo Drew, “An Afternoon with Leonardo Drew”, Oct. 2nd.

    4. Jana Cephas, “Performative Aesthetics”, Oct. 4th.

    Every fall, the academy invited a fellow for its Critical Studies program. This year it's Jana Cephas. This was the first of her lecture series.

    I'll get to deeper discussions of future lectures in this blog. The plan is one entry for each lecture. So please stay tune!

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