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Oct '11 - May '13

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    Post 1: introduction (including, yes, explanation about the name)

    farid rakun
    Oct 17, '11 7:11 PM EST

    Please let me introduce myself. My name is farid rakun, a student of Architecture Dept. at Cranbrook Academy of Art. I'm originally from Indonesia.

    In this blog I will share my musings, blurb, thoughts, + progress relating to my agenda here in Cranbrook. School started on Sep. 12th, the day I turned exactly 29 years old, so it's been running for a little more than a month. My apologize for not starting posting sooner, but adaptation + assimilation must be held as my excuse. So without further ado, let's start.

    First, about the name. As you can guess, it's a tongue-in-cheek play of those seemingly-endless game of words big architects (& wanna-be's) do.

    Here's just a reminder of the most contemporary version of the game:

    Sources: Image 1-3—captured from the Taschen video. Image 4—Amazon.

    Why am I doing this? You will know just by dropping by this blog once in a while, and reading my posts sporadically. How can I be so sure that you'll get it eventually? Just have a little have faith on me. I dare you.

    PS: I have to credit a second-year student, Brian Lee, to come up with the name. He suggested to use the term “more or less” as my signature. The notion have evolved into something else.

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