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    Who wants to watch me work? (Extended through Wednesday!)

    By PodZilla
    Nov 12, '08 12:02 AM EST

    Due to the overwhelming response... this has been extended thru wednesday.

    Live streaming video by Ustream

    The project you're watching me work on is the Temporary Addition to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, as I mentioned in an earlier post. What I'm hoping to accomplish tonight is the complete integration of the floor structure, a series of concrete trusses that run under the entire 1800' length of the project. I have already modeled the exterior walls and glazing that enclose the paintings, as well as the primary circulation paths and the entry/exit points. Desk Crits at 8:30 tomorrow, let's see what happens!


    • You're right.. this is kind of creepy. however, it would be more interesting if we could see what you were creating.

      Nov 12, 08 12:08 am  · 

      thats the best i can do.

      Nov 12, 08 12:14 am  · 

      this is amazing...what courage! I only wish we could give live commentary. Really good stuff that you would do this felt like I was over your shoulder watching you work

      Nov 12, 08 1:23 am  · 

      put this up on your monitor...

      Nov 12, 08 1:50 am  · 

      Wow, your work is really interesting. I'm intrigued by the voyeurism. It's a view that only studio-mates can see. Very cool.

      Nov 12, 08 2:03 am  · 
      Courtney Healey

      you missed a spot...

      Nov 12, 08 2:29 am  · 

      but come on how are you going to finish for 8 if you keep checking youtube?

      Nov 12, 08 2:31 am  · 

      Sorry kids... getting a few hours of shut eye. back in the morning.

      Nov 12, 08 3:18 am  · 

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