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    Charrette Checklist

    By PodZilla
    Nov 18, '08 9:19 PM EST

    A handy guide to everyone's favorite time of the semester.


    1. 22" Widescreen LCD (main work space)
    2. Sennheiser HD-600 Headphones (pricey but SO worth it...
    3. 19" LCD (secondary work space, rhino/illustrator tool palette overflow)
    4. 15" MBP (iTunes, email, internet, make2D's, renders)
    5. Trace (many, many, many rolls)
    6. Mac Keyboard (excellent space-saver, even used on a PC)
    6. Logitech MX518 (best mouse in the world, been by my side since freshman year)
    7. Venti Starbucks Expensive-atte
    8. Red and Black Pentel Sign Pens

    Just Shown at the top of the image:
    Desk Lamp (w/ CFL bulb)
    Shelf w/ reference books and model bits

    Not Shown:
    Dell Precision 360 workstation
    Graphic Standards/Studio Companion
    Modeling Supplies
    Hundreds of empty coffee cups
    uncomfortable chair
    bleary-eyed studiomates
    the many mice that scurry around this place


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      what? no pet cockroaches? you guys are slacking.

      Nov 18, 08 10:53 pm  · 

      A CFL but hundreds of throw away coffee cups? Starbucks does let you fill reusable mugs...

      Nov 26, 08 7:44 am  · 

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