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    By PodZilla
    Oct 8, '08 9:03 PM EST

    Remember the first time you got a new toy, and it was the coolest thing in the world? You played with it all day, slept next to it at night and never thought the fun would wear off. Eventually the excitement would pass and you would get bored, and the toy would lay forgotten in the yard during a huge rainstorm, and then never work right again. That is sort of the story of me and the CNC Router at school, except I'm still using that toy on a daily basis at the bidding of others. I speak of course of the TA work myself and two other students are doing, helping others in the school cut their projects on the router. Especially now with studio really ramping up and time being even more precious, I feel like a complete waste sitting down there watching the router cut out just one more eggcrate model from plywood, or one more stupid foam shape. I'll finish this out with some photos of this afternoon's cutting efforts.

    *ben watching the router



    *Ever take a picture with your camera and forget you took it?

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