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    The Soundtrack of Studio

    By PodZilla
    Apr 5, '09 11:30 PM EST

    I'm sitting here doing some mundane cad/rhino/grasshopper work for what will probably be the billionth time this semester, listening to some music on my headphones. This is making me wonder... what constitutes "studio music"?

    My playlists tend to be erratic at best, spanning a lot of artists and genres. While my music library is not the largest (~4300 songs), I like to think it's pretty diverse. I have largely everything from Coltrane to King Crimson, to The Who & Lou Reed, to Galactic & Soulive... the list goes on. There are some genres I don't like (Rap, Metal, Country (but I LOVE bluegrass... go figure)) but largely I'm up for anything.

    For me, the best studio music depends on what you're doing. For design/thinking work, I like more instrumental jazz or classical, played softly on speakers. There's this great band called Zilla (ironically not where my screename comes from) that does completely improvised live music, with just a drummer, bassist and hammered dulcimer player on stage. It makes for some great background music and I'm fairly certain a pretty engaging live experience. More good thinking instrumentals come from bands like Fujiya & Miyagi, Critters Buggin', Stereolab, Garage A Trois and Kraftwerk.

    When it comes time to really sit down and bust out the CADD work, there's nothing better (in my book) then some hard-driving classic or prog rock. What could be better than a red bull in one hand, a mouse in the other, and "In The Court of the Crimson King" cranked over a sweet pair of Sennheiser HD600's when you're in serious production mode? Maybe some George Thorogood or Nektar... or even The New Deal perhaps.

    What are everyone's favorite work songs? Do you prefer headphones or speakers? iTunes, Pandora, or good ol' fashioned FM? Discuss.


    • JordanS

      You ever check out Estradasphere they are really talented and mostly instrumental. Or you can take it back with some Mahavisnu Orchestra. I definitely have been diggin pandora lately while doing studio work. If at home I rock speakers and if in studio I use headphones, unless no one is around.

      Apr 5, 09 11:57 pm  · 

      Digitally Imported usually. Headphones mostly but not when I'm working

      Apr 6, 09 8:23 pm  · 

      headphones definitely...and loud. i switch between my itunes library and rhapsody. my choice of genre is for the most part independent from the studio task at hand and relies more on my mood.

      I have something on at any given time, but I love any chance I get to do mindless work so I can focus on the music and less on the thinking.

      Apr 6, 09 9:28 pm  · 

      'Into the Wild' has been the soundtrack of the semester!

      Runners up - The Knife, Bob Dylan, Supertramp, Amélie. We usually listen together as a family ... unless someone is watching the season finally of BSG - reluctantly we put our headphones on and listen to Last FM or via bluetooth listen to the same music.

      We are also fortunate enough to be in a building that houses musicians - beats itunes any day!

      Apr 8, 09 4:10 am  · 

      _JC- totally with you on the mindless work front. I have a fair enough collection of "chill" music to keep me going during design times, but it runs out fast enough to the point where I need something a bit more energetic and involved to keep going.

      Apr 9, 09 4:42 pm  · 

      If I'm doing "thinking work", I have to listen to instrumentals or foreign language stuff. Otherwise, my musical tastes are pretty schizophrenic. Listening to Blockhead serves me well for almost any occasion, though.

      Apr 9, 11 1:31 pm  · 

      One of the best thing about musicians they tend to be picky interms with the type of headphones their going to wear. Why? It is because they want to experience the real thing. According to Ironhorsetrading's best open back headphones guide the most important aspects in a studio headphones is accuracy and performance. Just like as what PodZilla mentioned the Sennheiser HD600 is one of the greatest headphones that has been created even upto now!

      Mar 10, 18 8:32 am  · 

      According to bestbuy and bestbassheadphones studio headphones and Sennheiser HD280PRO are great, my favorite one is Sennheiser HD280 Pro.

      Jul 2, 18 9:03 am  · 

      I would take a look at the Sennheiser HD559 too though as these are audiophile quality without the price tag.

      Aug 28, 18 9:07 pm  · 

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