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    A very busy couple weeks

    By PodZilla
    Sep 21, '08 1:48 PM EST

    Well, it's been awhile since I've done one of these, and as you might imagine quite a lot has gone on in the intervening week and a half. I'll do a quick roundup here.


    The "five year visitor" has progressed along nicely. We did a modeling exercise during Thursday studio where we were given 55 minutes with each site model (we have one at 1/4 scale and one at 1/16 scale) to begin to develop a site strategy and formal response to the conditions. From this aspect, my studio partner brought in a very interesting modeling material- seat belt. He had about 30' of the stuff, and I must say that even though I was skeptical at first, we wound up creating a very interesting massing study from nothing but some wire and seat belt pieces. Now we're going back and creating parti diagrams and initial 3D model studies to attempt to hash out some of the finer points of the Idea. The interesting thing about our studio is that because we're working in groups, there are 4 'big' ideas in the works, instead of 12 'small' ideas. Working on a team of 3 provides instant feedback and criticism, as opposed to getting one's head wrapped up in going the wrong direction and having it all dispelled next studio.

    Indep. Study:

    Prof. Garber, two undergrads, a grad student and myself are taking part in an Independent Study called "re-emergence of the line", in which we are studying the digital line in 4 states- diagram, constraint geometry, profile and toolpath. The attempt here is to define and delineate the different integrations the line in design work, as well as to attempt to gain a better perspective on how form realized in the computer via modeling software becomes an actual built object. We are also going to be assembling a 'book of standards' for the faculty to use when teaching these programs to new students.

    Cinematic Literacy:

    We just had our first film review Thursday evening, and it went very well for pretty much everyone. There was some great work in the class, especially for a first project. My film, "garbageIN garbageOUT", detailing the wastefulness of the NJIT campus, was especially well received. When I get around to it, I'll export it low-res and put it up on youtube.

    HSS Capstone:

    Just finished reading John Osbourne's "Look Back in Anger" and are conducting analytical studies on it. Interesting class so far, but they all are when Jon Curley is teaching.


    NJSoA Awards ceremony tomorrow that I forgot about- I'm receiving the "New World Design Builders Pre-Comprehensive Award". Ask me what that means after the ceremony tomorrow night. My external Hard Drive was recovered from the dead (thank god) so now I can finally finish my work for the Center for Architecture exhibit.

    Music Recommendation: Fujiya & Miyagi- Ankle Injuries

    That's all for now, I think. The next entry should start to be a bit more pictoral, I hope.

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