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    Perpetuating my Procrastination

    By PodZilla
    Feb 16, '09 9:40 AM EST

    Instead of immediately starting on the mountain of work in front of me, I figured I'd spend a few minutes and post some of the pictures I've been collecting with my phone for the past couple days. This may seem random and pointless, but I'd like at least something to show for the fact that I woke up at 7 this morning.

    Oh and I guess big-ish news in my world is that I bought an 11x17 printer off ebay yesterday. The guy selling supposedly has like whole pallets of these things at a steep (read: store going out of business) discount. I was skeptical until I saw that they're all new, in-box HP deskjet 9800's. I figure if I'm going to be freelancing for awhile after I get out of here, It can't hurt to have a printer. I'm also debating picking up the Adobe CS at the student price while I'm still a student. Anyway, on to the pics:

    The view out of this place. Not terrible until the hobos start coming by at 4am knocking on the windows looking for money, food, booze or all of the above.

    Casey brought us bagles!

    The little faux-wood elephant was a "gift" from my office two summers ago. I've named him Winchester and he chills out on my monitor base, often next to my watch.

    I did manage to sneak out of here for a bit this weekend, to see Moe. at Terminal 5 in NYC. They played for 3+ hours(!!) and though they didn't play some of the songs I wanted (Rebubula??), it was still a pretty awesome show.

    The disco ball at Terminal 5 doing its thing


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      pod, my favorite early morning breakfast was going to the greek truck on MLK and buying a sausage/egg/cheese/w/potatoes or fries on a hardroll, w/s+p and ketchup. is he still there? then for lunch a greek salad...oh and for late night snackage going to the chinese restaurant over by pathmark, delish.

      Feb 16, 09 10:00 am  · 

      Jimmy's Acropolis? Yea, he's still there. I usually go to Al's up on the warren/summit corner, because the lady is so cool and gives me free coffee. I was there this morning actually...

      Feb 16, 09 10:22 am  · 

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