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    The Listening Lab: Part 2

    By PodZilla
    Apr 3, '09 3:47 PM EST

    Earlier this week, Brooks Atwood from POD Design completed the installation on the Listening Lab at the League For the Hard of Hearing in NYC. It was fun being able to be there (for a few hours at least) to help assemble my handiwork a bit and watch it come together.

    I stopped by The League last week to check the progress, and they had gotten the front and back walls up and were just in the process of installing the first ceiling rib. All seemed to be going well, until I got 3 text messages and 2 phone calls from Brooks on Friday morning, saying he needed to re-cut things because "the room shrunk". He dropped off 3 more sheets of plywood for us to cut seven new ceiling ribs from and came back Monday morning to pick them up. I went back into the city on Monday afternoon to check the progress, and arrived just in time to share in the glory of installing the ceiling ribs. Thankfully they all went in without much drama, and the installation found itself largely complete. Brooks wants to keep images of the project largely under wraps until the "official" opening, so I'll just post a teaser image of the final piece to get everyone interested.

    Also in case anyone's interested, you can now follow my exploits on Twitter: podzilla @twitter


    The Listening Lab: Part 1
    The League for the Hard of Hearing
    POD Design+Media
    Daniel Perlin Studios; Sound Designer

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