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    The Westinghouse Project

    By PodZilla
    Oct 5, '08 2:11 AM EST

    For those of you who have either been in or passed by Newark on route 280, you may remember the old Westinghouse building, behind the Broad Street train station on the south side of the highway. Matt Gosser sure did, and he's created an entire art exhibit based around recovered artifacts from the building. This isn't the first exhibit like this Matt has created; there have been ones featuring the former Pabst Brewery (think: the giant red bottle, visible from the Parkway) and the old Newark Jail, now just a ruin. The opening night parties always end up being a blast, and this year should follow suit. If you're in the area on October 11th, stop by and check it out.


    This isn't the actual exhibition poster, just a graphic I grabbed from his website.

    Also, more related to my world... my birthday just passed and my wonderful parents gave me a 22" widescreen monitor. I'm currently rocking a tri-screen setup, with the 22", my old 19" lcd and my 15" macbook. It's like nerd heaven in here. Seriously though, the widescreen aspect ratio is excellent for us rhino or adobe users out there... it keeps the tool pallets on the left and right side of the screen out of the way and the center nice and open. I don't know how I lived without it. It also has a built-in webcam:

    *what you'd be seeing if you lived in my monitor. There actually is a full wall of windows behind me, but we cover them with paper to keep out the sun. (grr.... need to think of a more creative solution for that)

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    • _JC

      The Westinghouse Exhibition is looking really good. I was just down there this morning for a class, there is so much work and its all really nicely done. Aside from the Westinghouse Project, I didn't realize Matt Gosser had done so much at NJIT and the Newark area...have you ever seen some of his other work? Aside from whats around the school...

      Oct 9, 08 3:22 pm  · 

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