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  • NJSoA Fall Lecture Series

    By PodZilla
    Sep 10, '09 12:47 PM EST

    Our Fall lecture series. Looks good!


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  • The Soundtrack of Studio

    By PodZilla
    Apr 5, '09 11:30 PM EST

    I'm sitting here doing some mundane cad/rhino/grasshopper work for what will probably be the billionth time this semester, listening to some music on my headphones. This is making me wonder... what constitutes "studio music"? My playlists tend to be erratic at best, spanning a lot of artists and... View full entry

  • The Listening Lab: Part 2

    By PodZilla
    Apr 3, '09 3:47 PM EST

    Earlier this week, Brooks Atwood from POD Design completed the installation on the Listening Lab at the League For the Hard of Hearing in NYC. It was fun being able to be there (for a few hours at least) to help assemble my handiwork a bit and watch it come together. I stopped by The League last... View full entry

  • The Listening Lab: Part 1

    By PodZilla
    Mar 24, '09 11:43 PM EST

    Once again, the intrepid FabLab team of Kevin, Ben and Gene worked tirelessly on yet another plywood project. This time around we cut 22 sheets of Panelam (basically half inch ply with an ABS sheeting on both sides) and 9 sheets of birch veneer ply for an installation designed by Brooks Atwood of... View full entry

  • Student Work Exhibiton opening

    By PodZilla
    Mar 8, '09 3:37 PM EST

    It's been awhile since I've done an actual school-y entry here. Since we had a gallery opening last night it's the perfect opportunity to post some images of life at NJSoA. A short rant first: the school is 'technically' no longer called New Jersey School of Architecture. We're now the College of... View full entry

  • The sacrifices for Architecture

    By PodZilla
    Feb 28, '09 6:39 PM EST

    After staying up all night last Wednesday into Thursday to finish work for my Advanced Construction class, I was ready to go back to my room and pass out. However, I decided that I needed to run home first and grab my new printer that had just arrived in the mail. A friend and I jumped into my car... View full entry

  • Perpetuating my Procrastination

    By PodZilla
    Feb 16, '09 9:40 AM EST

    Instead of immediately starting on the mountain of work in front of me, I figured I'd spend a few minutes and post some of the pictures I've been collecting with my phone for the past couple days. This may seem random and pointless, but I'd like at least something to show for the fact that I woke... View full entry

  • Creativity Black Hole

    By PodZilla
    Feb 12, '09 3:33 AM EST

    So I'm in the middle of my first all-nighter of the semester and figured I'd dash off a quick entry to illustrate how ungodly horrible my studio space is. If you scroll back a few entries you'll find a similar picture taken from the webcam in my monitor of the view behind my desk from last... View full entry

  • NJSoA Spring Lecture Series

    By PodZilla
    Feb 3, '09 2:42 AM EST

    Hot off the presses, just in today! The fine print on the bottom reads: "Lectures are held on Mondays, 5:30 p.m. at the NJSoA Weston Lecture Hall unless otherwise noted and are open to the public. For more information or reservations please call (973) 596-3080. The 2009 Lecture Series is... View full entry

  • The weekend of site visits

    By PodZilla
    Jan 24, '09 6:14 PM EST

    Inevitably, when anyone thinks about doing initial site visits during the spring semester, one word pops into their mind: cold. Since January in the northeast tends to be the coldest of the months, and the spring semester conveniently starts in January, I have not had a warm site visit in the... View full entry

  • What I did on my (Last) Winter Vacation

    By PodZilla
    Jan 19, '09 2:06 PM EST

    Standing on the threshold of my final semester of Undergraduate Architecture, I'm wondering where the last five years have gone. I know it sounds cliche and stereotypical but, looking back on it, it really feels like it absolutely flew by. With the big nut of Comprehensive Studio completed, it's... View full entry

  • It's over now, has it just begun?

    By PodZilla
    Dec 16, '08 2:11 PM EST

    So for the first time in my life, I am happy to have passed studio... just. This semester, besides being one of the most intense work-wise, was also one of the worst grade wise I think I can remember from my five years. Anyway, comp is done.... I just have one last options and a few electives to... View full entry


    By PodZilla
    Dec 4, '08 6:13 PM EST

    (See title... Comp Final is MONDAY!!!!!!) View full entry

  • Charrette Checklist

    By PodZilla
    Nov 18, '08 9:19 PM EST

    A handy guide to everyone's favorite time of the semester. 1. 22" Widescreen LCD (main work space) 2. Sennheiser HD-600 Headphones (pricey but SO worth it... 3. 19" LCD (secondary work space, rhino/illustrator tool palette overflow) 4. 15" MBP (iTunes, email, internet, make2D's... View full entry

  • Who wants to watch me work? (Extended through Wednesday!)

    By PodZilla
    Nov 12, '08 12:02 AM EST

    Due to the overwhelming response... this has been extended thru wednesday. Live streaming video by Ustream The project you're watching me work on is the Temporary Addition to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, as I mentioned in an earlier post. What I'm hoping to accomplish tonight is the complete... View full entry

  • Coming up for air

    By PodZilla
    Nov 3, '08 1:02 PM EST

    This could be the last post for awhile. Our final review for Comp is three weeks(!!!) away and I'm still feeling like I'm pretty far behind. The group dynamic (at least for us three) fell apart like a cheap suit about three weeks ago. We've been pursuing individual projects since. This, combined... View full entry

  • Good Morning Newark!

    By PodZilla
    Oct 16, '08 2:47 AM EST

    I have this habit of taking pictures of sunrises on the mornings of all-nighters. Since my studio this semester faces east and is on the seventh floor, we're in prime sunrise viewing territory. This morning's was particularly majestic: Joint studio review that was supposed to be today was pushed... View full entry

  • CfA Teaser

    By PodZilla
    Oct 12, '08 10:35 PM EST

    My board for the CfA is done! It'll be on display at the Center for Architecture in Manhattan from October 18th until December 19th, alongside "exemplary" work from 13 other northeastern architecture schools. Look for a full write-up following the opening party next Saturday evening, but for now... View full entry

  • I am hopelessly addicted...

    By PodZilla
    Oct 10, '08 11:05 PM EST

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  • Photoblog

    By PodZilla
    Oct 8, '08 9:03 PM EST

    Remember the first time you got a new toy, and it was the coolest thing in the world? You played with it all day, slept next to it at night and never thought the fun would wear off. Eventually the excitement would pass and you would get bored, and the toy would lay forgotten in the yard during a... View full entry

  • The Westinghouse Project

    By PodZilla
    Oct 5, '08 2:11 AM EST

    For those of you who have either been in or passed by Newark on route 280, you may remember the old Westinghouse building, behind the Broad Street train station on the south side of the highway. Matt Gosser sure did, and he's created an entire art exhibit based around recovered artifacts from the... View full entry

  • NJSoA Fall Lecture Series

    By PodZilla
    Sep 29, '08 1:48 PM EST

    Our Fall lecture series is out!!! Looks pretty good... View full entry

  • Is anyone else sitting in a review right now?

    By PodZilla
    Sep 24, '08 10:52 AM EST

    A show of hands, please. View full entry

  • A very busy couple weeks

    By PodZilla
    Sep 21, '08 1:48 PM EST

    Well, it's been awhile since I've done one of these, and as you might imagine quite a lot has gone on in the intervening week and a half. I'll do a quick roundup here. Studio: The "five year visitor" has progressed along nicely. We did a modeling exercise during Thursday studio where we were given... View full entry

  • A Five-Year Visitor

    By PodZilla
    Sep 11, '08 11:11 AM EST

    My studio this semester is focusing on a project in Florence, Italy. The site is a roughly eighty foot wide by one thousand foot long stretch of mud flat on the northern edge of the Arno River, between the Ponte Vecchio and alle Grazie bridges. The program is a temporary structure for the Uffizi... View full entry

  • It's too early for this.

    By PodZilla
    Sep 3, '08 2:59 AM EST

    I'm in the midst of my first all-nighter for this semester. Excited? You bet! What could I possibly be working on, you wonder, with term having only started Tuesday morning? Why, my project from last semester, of course! Okay, enough with the sarcasm. For some reason or another, my crit from last... View full entry

  • It's Sunday Again.

    By PodZilla
    Aug 24, '08 8:34 PM EST

    So the NJSoA finally got itself a new website. It's good, if a tad corporate. Our old website was, I believe, from around the time when people still thought animated GIF's were cool. The nice thing is, it actually features current student work, so prospective students can see all the fun we're... View full entry

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