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    It's too early for this.

    By PodZilla
    Sep 3, '08 2:59 AM EST

    I'm in the midst of my first all-nighter for this semester. Excited? You bet! What could I possibly be working on, you wonder, with term having only started Tuesday morning? Why, my project from last semester, of course!

    Okay, enough with the sarcasm. For some reason or another, my crit from last semester selected my project for display at the Center for Architecture's "Arch Schools 2008" exhibition, going up this fall. It's an honor, don't get me wrong, but for once I just wish someone else had been chosen. I was done with this project the moment final review ended last semester, and since then I've had to re-draw parts of it once for the Dean's Design Awards (which I didn't even place in), and then re-present it at my office over the summer. Now, with just a day to go before studios are chosen for next semester, I'm stuck with attempting to re-layout old drawings onto a 48x144 board.

    If you make it to the exhibit, mine will be easily distinguishable as the one with the really pixelated renders, unscaled drawings and the laptop screwed into the wall right smack in the middle of it. Yippee.

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