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    Coming up for air

    By PodZilla
    Nov 3, '08 1:02 PM EST

    This could be the last post for awhile. Our final review for Comp is three weeks(!!!) away and I'm still feeling like I'm pretty far behind. The group dynamic (at least for us three) fell apart like a cheap suit about three weeks ago. We've been pursuing individual projects since. This, combined with needing to take a significant amount of time off for a personal family related issue, the pressures of other classes, TA work on the router/z printers, the CfA board/presentation/opening, and my own inexorable need for at least a couple hours of free time have combined to push me further and further back in Studio.

    I see this post as me filling up the scuba tanks for that last push to the wreckage that is going to be final review.


    The space behind me will gradually get more and more chaotic.

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