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    are they gonna let me keep this thing?

    By michael garrett
    Mar 14, '07 12:43 AM EST

    i had all but forgotten about this thing until i got an email notification that someone had commented my post called 'narratives that never say the word' (by the way, that comment was quite rude, 'ajkoog').

    there's an irony in what this disgruntled archinector said... that i 'are are not a graphic designer'. the irony is that i haven't posted in months because i quit graduate school, to pursue a degree in graphic design.

    i found that while i'm lanky, my stretch armstrong-like appendages weren't quite malleable enough to bridge the huge divide between architectural education and architectural practice. i don't know if this is amplified by regional issues... this is texas, and they want stars and bricks in them thar parts. i don't know, it lost its appeal. i don't want to do your damn CAD drawings mr. architect. the internship process seems like the equivalent of affirmative action - quick... we gotta get someone in here that knows computers!! (again... is this a southern/regional epidemic??)

    what i did love about it all was the visualisation of ideas. so beginning this fall i'm pursuing a BFA in communication design at the university of north texas. i don't know what that means in terms of this blog. i'll still be a student of design. why get a second bachelors, you ask?

    because i love design school, that's why.

    so, would anyone be interested to see how an arch graduate fairs in a school of visual arts? (we think we already know everything, as 'ajkoog' so aptly proved, so why not put it to the test...)


    • b3tadine[sutures]

      that's okay michael, he's not much of an architect....

      Mar 14, 07 7:27 am

      I think they should let you keep it. I'm going for an MFA in Graphic Design next fall, and was going to see if they would let me do a blog on 'life after architecture', but I see you've already got that covered!

      Mar 14, 07 10:52 am

      i applaud you, michael. as a big fan of graphic design, you're living the dream i'm too afraid to give up architecture for. design is design is design. if you want to design, and you don't see that in the architecture profession, then look for it somewhere else. ajkoog is already advertising his coporate slave life as he says on his info (and the fact he's a U of Cinci Barch..) Some are ok with not ever designing.. you, however, are not. Good luck.

      i'm sure they'll let you keep up the blog, considering that a lot of people still haven't even posted once yet! keep us updated!

      Mar 14, 07 1:55 pm

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