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    By michael garrett
    Feb 1, '05 2:25 PM EST

    i believe it has only been two weeks since the semester began. through some type of time lapse it seems more like a month. whatever the case i currently find myself already behind.

    my schedule consists of an advanced design studio with critics john maruszczak and roger connah. roger is also conducting a theory seminar entitled 'stamp out architecture' which i am taking as well. then there is digital portfolio/digital protocols under the direction of karen bullis.

    i'm finding the theory seminar most enjoyable - in fact all of these courses are fascinating. this is the first semester in which i disregarded required courses like structures and environmental control systems to pursue my interests. anyway, in seminar we are tasked with mapping out our own thinking processes, convergent or divergent, and reformulate that into some sort of thesis or synopsis of our methodology. roger has already suggested a number of books [none of which mention architecture] and i have begun reading one entitled 'air guitar' by dave hickey. a good read thus far.

    digital protocols investigates the structuring and representation of information in a networked environment. our first assignment is to map ourselves browsing the internet, while classifying the most 'appealing' websites subjectively as we go. i'll be sure to post the results of this endeavor.

    and finally - the pulparchitecture studio. this is what seperates the suckers from the editors. pulp is an ongoing grad series that maruszczak and connah have been collaboratively overseeing for 4 years now. this time around the theme is 'i am architecture'. we have researched the concept of the MEME, an idea that acts as a virus and infects the brains of those exposed to it. each of us was asked to invent a 'meme machine', and now we are going to inflict those on our school.

    my group is to conduct remote controlled robotic surveillance in the 'hidden zones' of the architecture building - those places that the average person could never go.

    needless to say i have a lot of work to do.

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