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    By michael garrett
    Dec 7, '05 9:00 PM EST

    digital fabrication projects have come to a close. many schools already use laser cutters like it's second nature, but around here this is new ground.

    the investigations provoked by the digital process and physical manifestions of the lighting devices proved to be quite interesting. i'll try to post images of the variations put out by other classmates.

    my product involved a repetition of surface conditions, with the focus being not on the form itself but the light saturation that happens in between the contours. the model is a lightly 'toasted' chipboard thanks to the laser. overall we have found that these technologies, while adding to efficiency and precision, can be rather unyeilding... and produce some unexpected suprises.


    • ichweiB

      you'll always get a little burn with the laser cutter...wood is especially nice because it comes with an nice smell!

      Dec 8, 05 4:49 pm
      vado retro

      nice dish rack...

      Dec 9, 05 12:04 am
      Cheyne Owens

      very well done. Architecture? yep, I'd say so.

      Dec 12, 05 8:54 am

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