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    By michael garrett
    Oct 5, '05 6:54 PM EST

    for our digital construction workshop the film memento became a resource of cinematic structure: an editing methodology that utilizes the loop and conditioned sequencing.

    my diagrams break down the filmic structure as a constant repetition of reference objects. for those of you familiar with the story, objects like the telephone, polaroids, keys, coasters and the car help to anchor the viewer in time and space. then the absorption of information in a reverse pattern becomes a little less daunting.

    a second layer : the underlying presence of the tattoo. this fixed condition is the source.. the originator of facts that the character assumes are true.

    here's the attempt at graphic representation:


    • erin

      is this for a project that you are working on?
      very nice images...

      Oct 5, 05 7:19 pm

      good times. When I was in 2nd year at UF a neighboring studio used Memento as well (all 3rd semester undergrad studios used some sort of "cultural artifact" for mapping / diagramming / eventually creating itineraries / spatial conditions etc. with the resulting analysis). Another sutdio used Run Lola Run.

      My studio looked at 3 different but related artifacts: The original Pinocchio text by Italian author Carlo Collodi, the Disney film Pinocchio, and a later book by Robert Coover entitled: Pinocchio in Venice. That last book was incredibly interesting, and the project at that point became as much about Venice as the Pinocchio conditions.

      anyhow, good luck, post more as it develops.

      Oct 6, 05 11:46 am

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