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    By michael garrett
    Mar 5, '05 4:33 PM EST

    the dead-tech is what's left of the decay.
    the ideal-tech once generated the image.
    certain mechanisms escalated the rapid decline:

    next step: where did we/they go wrong?


    • cvankle

      What is your floorplan? I find your images most interesting, but I would like to hear the rationale behind them. Certainlny with the 2nd image specificly you have portrayed your idea dramatically, I just would like a rationale and possible more plans/reactions, and yes I know I am just a drunk in Barcelona but humor me please, I do actually practice in the states.
      Mar 5, 05 9:14 pm
      vado retro

      is this from robocop?

      Mar 5, 05 9:15 pm
      juan moment

      is it post-apocalyptic?

      Mar 5, 05 10:16 pm

      marusz must love this stuff

      Mar 6, 05 1:45 am

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