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    By michael garrett
    Dec 8, '05 2:50 PM EST
    see previous entry on assignment

    classmates' entries as promised:

    i still need to get all the names so i can give proper credit for the work


    • PerrCorell

      How come your classmates projects are 10 times cooler than yours?

      Dec 8, 05 5:35 pm

      not only uncalled for, but untrue.

      michael's project is not only nicely realized, the description of how he got there is helpful and the final project is consistent with the conceptual foundation. that's at least as cool as nifty shapes which may or may not come from an equally rigorous process.

      posing as per doesn't give one free license to be an ass...

      Dec 9, 05 8:31 am

      i am unsatisfied with these projects. i see an eye and a hand in these models, but the discription is not sufficiently intellectual. (as the previous comment would suggest)

      yes we know that a progrom like rhino can take a form and you can ask it to break the form into contours that then could be cut out of 2d stock in a laser cuttter and laminated together to represent the original form. why are all of your laminations evenly spaced and parallel? doesn't bending afford you anything? look beyond the simple profile abilities of a program. rhino will unroll developable surfaces that will be profiles to cut out and bend back into a shape... just an example. i am being particularly harsh here because this is where my research falls and you have taken the most simplistic road.

      so now i would ask you to rethink what a laser cutter actually does. i am claiming you are using a cadalac to mow the lawn. maybe you just need more time to get past the "coolness" of what a laser cutter is, but i feel at some point an architecture student should begin to have a critical mind of their own work, and i don't see it in your projects, so i would suggest (and history will prove) that you will continue to build "cool" contour project until you run out of ideas and then you will move to something even less interesting.

      Dec 9, 05 3:39 pm

      look at the miran script by stelyanos dritsas, for an idea of what else can be done with rhino and laser cutters

      Dec 10, 05 3:31 am
      David Cuthbert

      That first image looks like a lung

      Dec 10, 05 8:58 am

      no. actually it looks like a haggis.

      Dec 10, 05 12:23 pm

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