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    Tech Giant Intel Features Eric Goldemberg's 3D-printed Musical Instruments project

    Apr 14, '16 1:45 PM EST

    Associate Professor Eric Goldemberg and MONAD Studio partner Veronica Zalcberg have been featured on Intel‘s social media for the firm’s work in 3D-printed musical instruments.

    Intel featured the 3D-printed two-string piezoelectric violin on its Instagram feed. The post has received more than 5,000 likes and more than 40 comments by viewers. The company also featured the 3D-printed travel bass guitar on its Twitter feed, which garnered the global retweet by Intel France, Intel Spain, Intel Suisse, Intel Kenya and others.

    MONAD Studio is integrating architecture and music with the collaboration of FIU Architecture students. This is an interdisciplinary project with musician-luthier Scott F. Hall to create sonic installations that incorporate 3D printed music instruments, and it is part of Professor Goldemberg’s research project for his upcoming book FEEDBACK: Architecture + Music, under contract with eVolo and distribution by ACTAR.

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