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  • paper-thin plaster

    By Christian Hemrick
    Nov 10, '06 9:28 PM EST


    "Create a space within a garden for two people to have a conversation. Select one of the following character pairs to use as programme for the inhabitable spaces:

    The Arborist and The Mapmaker
    The Poet and The Bookbinder
    The Philosopher and The Sculptor

    Be sure to include the following spaces: a space for conversation, a space for each to enter, a space for each to exit, a space for each to wander and think. Using the constructions that were derived from your characters, construct a narrative for the activities that occur in each of the spaces, and use this narrative to resolve the connections between interior conditions within the intervention of the site."


    Plaster, music wire, plexi glass, and bass wood


    We are to constuct our models first out of bristol board, as an exercise to study positive and negative spaces. Then, convert the negative space into a mold for the plaster to be poured. While the plaster is curing, incorporate the other materials to further define the programme.


    I feel my concept model is strong, but I'm slightly terrified that converting it to plaster will be ruinous. How thin can plaster be poured, and still maintain it's integrity? Without a magical wand, how crazy can the molds actually get? Is it even possible to adhere any of the othere materials to the plaster?

    I feel badly for my poet and bookbinder...imageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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  • piano wire and plexi blues

    By Christian Hemrick
    Oct 31, '06 8:13 PM EST

    We're constructing our second model of the semester, (the matrix and itinerary) with music wire and plexi glass. When executed properly, our professor said the two materials complement each other extremely well. So far I've tried everything, and all I can come up with is something that looks like... View full entry

  • 9 cubic inches vs .61 mega bytes

    By Christian Hemrick
    Oct 24, '06 9:16 PM EST

    Our second project of the semester wrapped up two weeks ago, and the next stage of model making has begun. In the mean time we have been exploring our third project on vellum and mylar. After completing my first pass at an 18x24x5 representation of the drawings, I realized that my precious spatial... View full entry

  • research, so you can research.

    By Christian Hemrick
    Oct 12, '06 8:53 PM EST

    I found out the hard way... Before tackling a building analysis project, make sure you have more than enough information on the site. Then, safeguard that with enough extra to write the same paper in any other class. Any research project is always easier with more info. Architecture is a little... View full entry

  • Studio vs. Home

    By Christian Hemrick
    Sep 24, '06 6:35 PM EST

    I do all my work in the studio. I find it much more convenient to set up and have everything I need in one spot, instead of lugging it all back and forth. saves time. when i'm here i'm not as easily distracted (except of course by archinect,) and I find I get more done. I don't feel I am more... View full entry

  • Armature. Isn't that what I slept in last night?

    By Christian Hemrick
    Sep 21, '06 11:42 PM EST

    I've lost track of time since my last posting. I'm also not really sure where I am right now. There's a crispy chill in the air, and it smells like harvest. Blue Ridge!!! oh wait, our a.c. is set to 68 degrees, and the $3.99 cinnamon broom I bought at Publix is in full bloom. I'm View full entry

  • WANTED: artistic eye (forget architecture)

    By Christian Hemrick
    Sep 12, '06 11:30 PM EST

    That's what I heard this afternoon in studio. As an addendum to my earlier blog, my professor assessed the final composition of our spatial analysis, pointed out a few strengths, gave a little criticism, and abundantly assigned everyone the task to forget architecture. Our goal for the rest of the... View full entry

  • a new way of thinking

    By Christian Hemrick
    Sep 12, '06 1:06 PM EST

    We are turning in our final drawing of our first project in studio today. The assignment uses Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park Series of paintings as a source to begin spatial exploration. Each of us were to analyze the spatial/organizational structure of one of the paintings, both visually, and... View full entry


    By Christian Hemrick
    Sep 8, '06 10:27 PM EST

    You mean I won't have my own clients for at least five years??? Okay, I didn't respond to my design professor's blunt statement with that astonished question. Someone else did. But it did make me think. I just finished my first week, of my first year, of gradutae architecture, and, uh, yeah, my... View full entry

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