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MHS Architecture

Hoboken, NJ


The Estuary

The Estuary is a new mid-rise residential development located at on the Hudson River waterfront at Lincoln Harbor in Weehawken, New Jersey. The project is comprised of three separate structures containing 589 residential units organized into three new residential blocks around a common open
space. This new development replaces a surface parking lot and inserts itself into an otherwise commercial office park instantly transforming Lincoln Harbor into a mixed-use neighborhood. Combined with Lincoln Harbor’s NY Waterway ferry stop and the Hudson Bergen Light Rail station at its doorstep,
along with the site’s direct access to the Lincoln Tunnel, the Estuary is truly a place where one would not need to rely on a car. Lincoln Harbor has two office towers, several restaurants, a hotel, a marina and a river front walkway. The introduction of rental housing into Lincoln Harbor signals a more sustainable
future for this vital site on the NJ waterfront.

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Status: Built
Location: Weehawken, NJ, US
Firm Role: Architect & Planner